Saturday, November 3, 2012

I want my Windows IFS OpenAFS Client to be fast

In 2008 I wrote I want my OpenAFS Windows client to be fast which described the options I used to tune the Windows OpenAFS client that used the SMB server gateway.   As of this writing the current release of OpenAFS for Windows is 1.7.18 which is based upon a native Windows Installable File System, AFSRedir.sys.  This post is an update describing the configuration values I use with the native redirector interface.

The most important related to throughput fall into two categories:

How much data can I cache?

How Fast Can I Read and Write?

All of these options are described in Appendix A of the Release Notes.  Here are the values I use:

CacheSize = 4GB (64-bit)  1GB (32-bit)
Stats = 60,000 (64-bit)  30,000 (32-bit)

BlockSize = 4
ChunkSize = 21 (2MB)
RxUdpBufSize = 12582912
SecurityLevel = 1 (when I need speed I use "fs setcrypt" to adjust on the fly)
ServerThreads = 32
TraceOption = 0 (no logging)

None performance related options that I use:

DeleteReadOnly = 0 (do not permit deletion of files with the ReadOnly attribute set)
FollowBackupPath = 1 (mount points from .backup volumes search for .backup volumes)
FreelanceImportCellServDB = 1 (add share names for each cell in CellServDB file)
GiveUpAllCallbacks = 1 (be nice to file servers)
HideDotFiles = 1 (add the Hidden attribute to files beginning with a dot)
UseDNS = 1 (query DNS

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